Who We Are


It is our hope to help "advance the Gospel into the nation through spiritual generations" here at Central Methodist University. We are not the only college campus doing this... not even close. There are now nearly 180 college campuses that have a Navigators ministry at them. We believe that college is a critical time in the life of any person. For most people this is the first time that they have had to establish who they are going to be. We are here to help people navigate the spiritual waters they will encounter.

We offer one-on-one discipleship and mentorship as a primary means to explore these things. On top of this we provide opportunities to grow in your walk with God through small group Bible studies, large group worship nights, community building events, service and ministry opportunities and well... plain old-fashioned fun.

The Navigators

We are greatly privileged and blessed to be under the "umbrella" of the Navigators

The Navigators® is an international, interdenominational Christian ministry established in 1933 as an outreach for followers of Jesus Christ to help others come to know and grow in Him as they navigate through life – a goal embodied by The Navigators motto, “to Know Christ and to Make Him Known®.”

Navigators are characterized by an eagerness to introduce Jesus to those who don't know Him, a passion to see those who do know Jesus deepen their relationship with Him, and a commitment to training Jesus followers to continue this nurturing process among the people they know. We are a community of hundreds of thousands of everyday people who impact others for God's glory in our normal pathways of life where we study, live, work, and play.

We spread the Good News of Jesus Christ by establishing life-on-life mentoring—or discipling—relationships with them, equipping them to make an impact on those around them for God's glory.

Today, the Navigator staff family – nearly 5,000 strong – spans 70 different nationalities, 130 languages, and individuals from every heritage and life experience. The Navigator family also includes those who work alongside and support our staff, whose hearts beat with our same passion to Know Christ and to Make Him Known®.

In the spirit of discipleship and 2 Timothy 2:2, we seek to forward the grace and teachings of Christ from one believer to the next. We call this “generational multiplication.”