The first and most powerful way that you can partner with us at Central Methodist is by lending your prayer efforts. It may sound cliché but I assure you prayers have power. We believe this whole heartily and invite you to do this.

Now you may ask, “what should I pray for?” Good question. There are a couple things we always are asking prayer for.

  1. That God would save the lost at Central Methodist. We know that no matter how intensely we spread the Gospel it is God who saves. So take God at His Word and ask BIG!!! We want for as many people as God would have to receive Him while they are at CMU.
  2. Students grow-up into maturity in Christ. We are not here only to make converts, but rather to make disciples. Ask that God would give students a heart to mature and seek Him with their whole-being.
  3. Generations. We want the students who leave CMU after having been discipled to make disciples of all the nations. Ask that God would provide a drive and an equipping for our students to seek out the lost and immature believers in their work place and help them grow into a fully-devoted follower of Christ.

If you only prayer for these three things for us you will be doing quite well. However, we do from time-to-time (usually once a month) have other requests as well as reports to share with you. If you are interested in receiving those reports then please sign up for our newsletter using the form below.

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